Yosemite Bigwalls: The Ultimate Guide 2021 (Wholesale case of 12, $27 each)


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(Ships around Sept 20th, 2021. ISBN # 9780578247052

A full case of the newest, most detailed guide to the most popular bigwall routes in Yosemite. Please email erik@yosemitebigwall.com to inquire about local pickup before choosing this shipping option.

The Ultimate Guide breaks down the best 140 or so bigwall routes in Yosemite, and gives you the tips for climbing them efficiently. Full page overlays bring the routes to life, and allow friends and family to follow along while you climb. First Ascent History connects you with the pioneers of each route. Also included is a ‘How to climb Freerider’ spread from Canadian ace Bronwin Hodges, and a ‘Nose Mini-guide’ spread. Woohoo!


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