2021 Yosemite Bigwalls Select – The Ultimate Guide Print Book + Ebook (PDF)

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Alright here is the best deal on this next generation bigwall book: Buy the print book plus ebook combo and get the pdf Ebook today!
The Ultimate Guide breaks down the best 140 or so bigwall routes in Yosemite, and gives you the tips for climbing them efficiently. Full page overlays bring the routes to life, and allow friends and family to follow along while you climb. First Ascent History connects you with the pioneers of each route. Also included is a ‘How to climb Freerider’ spread from Canadian ace Bronwyn Hodges, and a ‘Nose Mini-guide’ spread from me. Woohoo!
This bundle gives you near instant access (allow me a day to email you the link) to the 500 page pdf, and beautifully sewn-binding print book.
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4 reviews for 2021 Yosemite Bigwalls Select – The Ultimate Guide Print Book + Ebook (PDF)

  1. Jacob Bice (verified owner)

    I haven’t read the entire thing by any means, but I have never seen a guidebook for Yosemite wall climbs in the same league as this. As a somewhat newer Yosemite climber this will be a big help!

  2. Will Alonso (verified owner)

    This is the absolute gold standard for guidebooks. Every route is brought to life with the first ascent history, detailed description of the climb, how to approach/descent, and of course specific beta on every pitch and precise gear for every climb. The pictures that highlight the routes are so incredibly detailed, my palms sweat just flipping through the pages.

    To me this guidebook serves 2 purposes, as an actual guide to take on the climb, and as a beautiful coffee table read.

    As an actual guide, this is what I used to climb the two “beginner” bigwalls (South Face of Washington Column and West Face of Leaning Tower). It was everything I needed to know get the job done – it’s like having Erik himself as your “third” climbing partner. However, why I love this guide isn’t just because it got me back alive, it’s because it’s so accessible to climbers and non-climbers alike as a coffee table read.

    The climbing nerd in me has already spent countless hours shuffling through the first ascent history and description of routes that I can only dream of climbing. In the safety of my home, this book is as close as I’ll get to roping up A4+ with Jim Bridwell, Dale Bard, and Dave Diegelman on the first ascent of Sea of Dreams…

    For anyone interested in climbing bigwalls or Yosemite’s history through the lens of the rock climbing – chalk up those sweaty palms, flip to page 1, and let Erik be your guide.

  3. Mauricio Herrera Cuadra (verified owner)

    Erik has crafted the next generation of guidebooks to the Valley. The 1st edition of Yosemite Bigwalls was a major breakthrough a few years ago and this updated edition has taken it to yet another level. Updated route descriptions, gear, tactics, history, amazing photos… It has all you need and more!

  4. Ryan Jenks (verified owner)

    This is an incredible guidebook. The detail and the amount of beta is insane. I also enjoy flipping through it as a photo book because it is so beautiful! Highly recommended.

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