Portaledge / Equipment Rental

I’ve started renting portaledges, haulbags, pitons, big cams, etc., as a ‘pay what you want’ kind of service to help folks get up their bigwall dreams (I’ve climbed the mountain over 100 times, so I”ve had some fun, haha).

Email me and tell me what you’re looking for…..I can usually do something like this:

Portaledge (I mostly lend out Metolius, but have Runnout Customs ledge for shorter folks and BD for the big guys):

$40 – $50 for regular portaledge for the Nose (or other trade route, a little more for longer routes). The rental fee is double if you bail (only applies for El Cap routes ;), and I need a deposit, so folks usually give me a $100 when they grab the stuff, and if you’re successful I give you back $50.

Haulbag / Hauler / lowerout line – $20

Big Cams / Pitons – $10

Erik Sloan